In July 2013, the Albuquerque City Council commissioned a new assessment of the intersection of Rio Grande Boulevard and Candelaria Road in response to important issues raised by the general public in support of and opposition to the proposed roundabout.
Read More - Download the 2013 Assessment (PDF 4.2 MB)

2013 Executive Communication to the Albuquerque City Council documenting an updated safety, intersection operations, speed data and cost / benefit analysis of the proposed roundabout at Rio Grande and Candelaria Road.
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In 2011, as part of the design process for the roundabout at Candelaria Road NW and Rio Grande Boulevard NW, Bohannan Huston conducted a traffic study.
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View simulations of large trucks and emergency vehicles navigating the proposed roundabout as well as morning rush hour and afternoon rush hour traffic navigating the proposed roundabout that were presented at the Open House and Public Meeting in September of 2012.

Download a copy of PowerPoint presentation from the Open House and Public Meeting (PDF 7.2 MB)