The roundabout project at the intersection of Rio Grande Boulevard and Candelaria Road is estimated to cost $1,760,000.00. This includes a federal grant from the Highway Safety Improvement Program - $1,630,464; and matching funds from the state of New Mexico - $129,536.00.

Anticipated Schedule

As previously reported, the bidding and construction of this project were postponed due to delays in the federal right-of-way (ROW) process. All local governments are being forced to "federalize" their internal ROW process, which adds another layer of intricacy. The city can't move forward with the project until all certifications have been obtained.

Meanwhile, per a request from the NMDOT to help them balance over programming the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), this federal funding was moved out to Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2018 by the MRCOG, who administers the federal funds. The City's Department of Municipal Development, who is managing the project for the City, requested to advance construct this project upon completion of the lengthy ROW process. This will allow CABQ to construct the project earlier than FFY 2018. As stated on the home page, as of March 2018 the final agreement was signed with the NMDOT. We believe the project should go out to bid late this year and will keep everyone posted.

The Rio Grande Complete Street Test Project is still expected to proceed as planned in 2016.